Thursday, March 15, 2007

Loose Ends ...

It seems like a good day to update you on various loose ends that don't fit in prior posts:

First loose end - Don requested some feedback on the fine SouthWest dining experiences I was having. So once I sorted through the Subway and Slotskies sandwiches, chips and salsa, cheap beer joints, crummy hotel restaurants, bad room service, I remembered a couple that stood out:

Stuffed sopapillas at Guadalupe Cafe in Santa Fe (ate there twice).

Huevos Rancheros at Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe (OK, I ate there three times).

Carne Adovada at La Plata in Albuquerque.

I did have other good meals such as The Shedd in Santa Fe (twice), Serious Texas Bar B Que in Durango, Italian in Sedona, Cafe Roka in Bisbee, Cafe Poca Cosa and El Charro (twice) in Tucson. But generally I was well into the meal before I remembered to take a picture and I am sure you didn't want to see it then.

Second loose end - As you recall at the beginning, I was tracking my shower cap average. Well after several days of no success, I figured it was wiser to quietly drop the issue rather than be embarassed by my failure. However, I have recently been reinvigorated in this quest. Five of the last six nights have resulted in shower caps.

I seem to be back on track.

Third loose end - Don thought my WhooPee comment about driving quickly across the desert was appropriate. I am not sure how appropriate he thought it was but here is an example:

Fourth loose end - When I arrived in Holbrook Arizona I realized that there was more of Historic Route 66 that needed to be shared. Please check out the attached pictures.

Fifth loose end - For any of you who may not know how to use one of these here is a thorough set of instructions. If followed closely your clothes will still fit (mine do) and they will come out their original color (mine did).

And you thought this trip was all fun and games didn't you?

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