Thursday, April 5, 2007

Atkinson Farm

When we arrived in Marble Falls we passed this old, old farmhouse surrounded by Texas Bluebonnets. We made a mental note to return when the light was right.

So later that day after a walk and fine dining at the Bluebonnet Cafe we return to what we knew as the old farm. When parked along the highway attempting a picture, a gentleman came out of the shadow of the house and waived us over. So we went to join him, knowing Texas hospitality and all. Of course Pam was not convinced that this was the thing to do. But since I was driving, we did it.

Once through the gate, we introduced ourselves. He asked if I would mind helping him lift a wheel onto an antique piece of farm equipment. I said sure. When we were done I asked him about pictures. Sure, he said, what ever you like.

In the process we learned the story of the house. It was built prior to Texas becoming independent of Mexico, i.e. really really old. They had actually found some of the original issue auto license plates in the house. They were round and made of wood.

Finally, as we were walking long an old rock wall, Bill Atkinson came into the field in his car blowing his horn. Well we were already a bit wary of the situation, this horn business sent us on our way to our car. As we pass Bill in his car and say goodbye, he is quite disappointed that we won't stay to see his cows who come running to the car horn. And yes they did come running. And no we did not see any need to stay longer.

Check out some more pictures of the Atkinson Farm.

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